How To Become More Positive in Seven Easy Ways

How To Become More Positive in Seven Easy Ways
Viber tells their users to be more positive in seven easy ways, here are the ways to do that
1. Your should stop comparing yourself to other people of your society

2. Help the people with your possibility

3. Keep contacts with your loved ones and communicate with them

4. Keep good Reflect on the good in life

5. Always Live in the present

6. Keeping Visualize your goals

7. Bust  out those pearly whites

for details Viber Blog

Google Play Store Problems on Android Mobile Phones, Samsung, Nexus, LG, Lenovo

Google Play Store Problems on Android Mobile Phones, Samsung, Nexus, LG, Lenovo
Google Play Store is main platform to download and install the Android Apps on the Android OS based smartphones. Many time Google Play store not works on mobile phones when a user wants to install the application or games of their choice. Many times it happen because the date and time of the phone not corrected, when you correct the date, the Play Store starts to work properly. Here are some other solutions to solve the Play Store issue with Android Phones.

First of all, firmly check that you have proper Internet package activated plan on your SIM card, or connected to a Wi-Fi Network and have a valid Gmail account and goto the Play Store App. If the Play Store works properly then its OK, otherwise goto the Application Manager from Mobile Phones's settings menu and tape to Google Services Framework and Tap on Clear Cache, Force stop the Services and also clear the Data. Now restart your device, and open Play Store app again, the application will start to work.

Skype Now allows File and Documents sharing in easy way

Skype is most popular communication personal conversion software owned by Microsoft. Millions of people e Skype to call their friends and family daily with Skype. They used Skype to send messages, photos, videos and documents to their contacts. Now Skype introduced the file sharing in Skype with Skype's user contacts upto 300 MB in size with friends and chat groups, the other person who receive that document or file can also download it to their mobile or PC for later use or they can save it on Microsoft's online storage service "OneDrive".

Google making Latest Android Smartphone against Apple iPhone

While talking about the most secured mobile phone system, the only name comes in mind is Apple's iPhone or iOS. On the other hands, the Google's Android operating system is world most used mobile operating system often caused hacked by the hackers easily. It is very big question mark for Android Mobile phone security. The main reason for this un-secure system of Android is that this OS is made as Open source and the other big reason for security problems of Android Phone is that as Google seeks any bug in Android OS, an update issued suddenly about that bug by Google without wasting of time but the cell phone manufacturing did not issue update as it issued by the Google so the users feels un-secure and hacked. As this case in Apple, the Apple is owner of iPhone and iOS also, so when he feels that there should be an update for their iOS software, they issued update any time as earlier as possible.

For such reasons, now Google preparing a smartphone in accordance with Apple iPhone level, as Google has already Nexus in their portfolio but they were also not manufactured by Google himself as they are made by LG or Lenovo with Android OS.


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