Sunday, 13 October 2013

Facebook Official Apps on Google Play Store Free Download

Facebook Official AppsAs previously posted that Facebook is world's top social networking website. As its popularity, the Facebook has developed the high quality applications for almost all the operating systems of Computers, Mobiles and Tablet PC. The Google Play has the all four application of Facebook for best integrating via Mobile Phones having the Android Operating System installed. The all 4 official Facebook applications are totally free to install from Google Play Store, the official Applications Store for Android Mobile Phones. The Applications are as under:

1. Facebook Basic App
The Facebook Official App for Android Phones is completely free to install where you can see your friends list with their updates. You can also share your updates like Photos and Videos and can get the Notifications from your Friends and your timeline. You can make free chat and texting within your Facebook groups.

2. Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger is another free App from Facebook available at Google Play Store for quickly get connected to your Facebook Friends with your Smart Phone and Personal Computers. You can get messages and make reply to them by using the SMS service within the Facebook website and can get the push notifications.

3. Facebook Page Manager
After installing the Facebook Page Manager in your Android Mobile Phone, you can post updates and photos on the Pages your are managing from your Facebook Account. In the Facebook Page Manager applications, you can also view and reply to your private messages. You can also upload the photos to your Pages's Albums, can Change the Profile Picture with sharing photos and videos to your visitors.

4. Facebook Home
Home Application of Facebook for Android Phones gives you the options to set your Facebook content and links on your Android Phone Home Screen. You can view all your updates live on your Home Screen of Mobile like Facebook News Feed.

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