How to Activate New SIM Card of Telenor Talkshawk

SIM Activation
Telenor is top mobile network of Pakistan having state of the art cellular technology based on latest equipments available in market. It is the main reason that majority of people prefer to choose Telenor Network. If you are planning to buy new SIM card for you in future, then you have to know that how to activate the new SIM card buy registering in your own name. After purchasing the new SIM connection, follow the steps below to Registering and activation.

1. Insert New SIM Card in your Mobile Phone
2. Keep in hands your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
3. Now call to 789 for SIM Activation and answer the questions asked by the representative, who will ask you the following
CNIC Number | Full Name | Mother's Name | Date of Birth | Place of Birth
4. After the steps above, your SIM will be activated after some time, if the information given by you found correct as per NADRA records.

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