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Smart Electricity Meter, How to Save Electricity with Smart Electrical Meter

Smart Electricity Meter, How to Save Electricity with Smart Electrical Meter
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The electricity smart meters are different from the manual old electro mechanical energy meters. The smart energy meters are electrical mater and are capable to record the accurate consumption of electric energy at home or factory plant and directly submit and transmit the electricity consumption to the base station of the electricity supply company. The smart meters commonly uses two way communication between the electricity utility company Main Control Center Office and the Smart Energy Meter. The such type of metering is called Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) based on Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The UK Electric Companies are using these smart meters from the year 2005, these companies are SP AusNet, United Energy Distribution, Jemena Electricity Networks, Citipower and Powercor. 

How smart meter works, it transmit the user end data directly to the base station of the company distributing and managing the electricity supply to the consumer end. The benefits of smart meter are that these meter give the more accurate bills than the old non-smart meter and do not charge the estimated bills. There is no need of any human to visit the smart meter because of auto communication between the meter and base station. The diagram of smart meter shows the typical electronics circuit inside it to control the automatic metering.
Different Types of Smart Meter

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