Saturday, 26 April 2014

UPS Buying Guide, Homage, CyberPower, APC, NS Power

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Almost everyone is look for alternate source of electricity in the summer season to tackle with the power outage for many hours. They are looking their solutions in Solar System Setup, Diesel Generators, GAS based Generators, Desi and China UPS with official power source having dry or liquid based batteries for power backup. There are many model of UPS available in the market like NS Power, Homage Inverter, Cyberpower, APC and DESI UPS with support of local technicians. The people are often look for operating 3 to 4 Fans, 4 Energy Savers Bulb (CFL) with 2KVA UPS with 185AH battery. The good and best UPS is APC backed with 2x165 AH batteries like OXIDE, Millat, FB, Volta, OSAKA and other brands. This will give you the backup upto 4 hours. There is Homage UPS widely used in Pakistan as best UPS in Pakistan, there are Solar UPS available in Pakistan at cheap prices, in the imported USP in Pakistan, APC is at No.1, the Deutsche Power UPS also available in Pakistan.

There is other main alternate energy system for home and office use is "the solar system setup" consisting of mono-crystalline and poly-crystal solar panels with different price groups. A charge controller also used for collecting the current and managing them for battery charging and backup.

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