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Top Free Applications for Windows Phone from Windows Store

1. Facebook Messenger 2. Microsoft OneDrive 3. Facebook 4. Tetra LockScreen 5. Pandora 6. Instagram BETA 7. Skype 8. Youtube + HD 9. Adobe Reader 10. Music Download 11. WhatsApp 12. PhotoMath 13. Netflix 14. YouTube HD 15. KiK Messenger 16. Flashlight X 17. 6Snap 18. Music +
1. Facebook Messenger, for free video calls over Facebook Network
2. Microsoft OneDrive, for free Online Storage from Microsoft as Cloud Service
3. Facebook, free Social Networking website
4. Tetra LockScreen, application for Windows Phone to Lock Home Screen
5. Pandora, for Music Streaming
6. Instagram BETA, free Photo sharing service
7. Skype, making free video, voice calls
8. Youtube + HD, to watch free Youtube HD Videos
9. Adobe Reader, free PDF viewer software
10. Music Download, for download free music from Internet
11. WhatsApp, for free Photo and Video Messages sharing
12. PhotoMath, a Photo Editing Software for Windows Smartphone
13. Netflix, free and subscription based video website
14. YouTube HD, watch HD quality YouTube videos on Windows Phone
15. KiK Messenger, free instant messenger from KiK China
16. Flashlight X, a Flashlight tool for Windows phone
17. 6Snap, take Snapshot of Windows Phone
18. Music +, a music streaming and downloading service

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