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Telenor New 4G Unlimited Weekly Internet Bundle Package

Telenor has introduced its latest and new 3G / 4G Internet Bundle Package with 1 week validity pricing Rs.70 including Tax. Telenor always gives best and fastest Internet with affordable rates now with 4G Network. This offer gives unlimited Internet with 3GB data from 1am to 7pm. The short code for getting this offer is *345*144#. With this offer, the subscribers can watch unlimited streaming, downloading, chatting and use of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, IMO etc. All the DJuice and Telenor TalkShawk users can avail this offer from Telenor. This offer comes inclusive of applied taxes. In this offer, the question that how to check remaining Internet MBs of this offer, the code for this is *999#.

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