Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Best Free Email Clients for Business and Companies

Email clients are very popular among the organizations, group of networks or companies to use their customized email address to contact with their customers. Infozed brings a short list of best and top free email client list for your work and company.

1. The Mozilla Thunderbird is open source POP / IMAP email client comes free of cost for everyone (also called ThunderBird Portable) offered by, the owner of Mozilla FireFox. The features of Mozilla Thunderbird includes Webmail, RSS Reader, built-in-search, Spell Checker, Appears as Conversational Threads.

2. M2 Mail Client is the other option for best free email client also offered POP3 and IMAP protocols from Opera called M2 Mail Client.

The other best free email clients are Foxmail, Incredimail, eM Client, Gmail by Google and Outlook by Microsoft.

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