Saturday, 15 October 2016

UPS Turning Off again and again, Fault and its solution

The UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) commonly used to backing power for computer and home appliances. Sometimes the UPS made faulty for many reasons, these reasons can be from UPS side or from Battery side. Here we discuss the problem of turning off the UPS again and again after startup. There should be following faults in it.

1. The fuse problem
2. The Carbon freezes on the terminals of battery, which do not allow the current to flow properly.
3. The electric socket problem
4. The battery down problem

In this case, the UPS turning off again and again after the main supply disconnected during power shortage. We checked that the UPS do their work properly and there is no any fault in it internally. After UPS, we checked the battery terminals, which are giving proper current to concerned connections. After these checking, we see the distilled water in Battery, here we noted that the water dried in 5 cells out of 8. the 2 cells were broken which was the main fault of the battery who do not give proper and continues current to the UPS which causes the turning off fault.

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