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Wet iPhone7, What to Do to Dry iPhone, Quick Tips

iPhone is popular technology brand by Apple Inc. for making highly functionality, high end touchscreen smartphone. The Apple's iPhone is among the world's most popular technology brands. A large number of people waits every year for new and latest iPhone models of their choices and expectations. This post is for those people who owns the Apple iPhone 7 or lower models, that what to do if their iPhone wet from water. The main problem for these people is that how to dry a wet iPhone when it wets from water by mistakenly. This post is also for all previous models of iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 6, 6S, Plus. Many people complained that their iPhone do not turned on as it falls in water and they bear the huge cost to repaid the wet iPhone from the manufactures or repair shops. There is no indicator which shows that the iPhone is affected from water or other liquids. Here are some quick steps to do with the wet phone to dry it. It is also to remember here that Apple does not give guarantee to cover the cost of iPhone which is dropped in water by the owner. The quick steps are as under:

1. Remove the iPhone from water quickly and remove the cables connected to iPhone, if any.

2. Wipe iPhone with a cloth smoothly, soft lint free cloth recommended by Apple for cleaning the iPhone.

3. Keep the lightening cable connector of device so that the water which is inside the phone be dropped in first instance.

4. Place the iPhone is dry air and do airflow task, and put your iPhone in rice filled plastic bag as suggested by many technology companies to dry the smartphone of any brand.

5. During this process, do not use or turn on the iPhone, it is suggested that don't turn on the smartphone uptill 5 hours to go.


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