Friday, 28 April 2017

Best Cheap Home Solar System for 12 Volt DC Fan Day and Night

Power shortage in summer season is on peak now a days, and the people are looking for cheap and durable best solar system for their homes, shops and offices. Here is a very cheap and best solar system setup for every home to run a 12 volts DC fan day and night.

Things to need:
1. 150 KW Solar Panel pricing Rs.6500
2. 50 AH Battery (Excide, Osaka, Phoenix, AGS etc) pricing Rs.3200
3. Wire (According to your requirements) approximately Rs.500
4. China Battery Charger 10 Amps (Optional)

You can run your 12 volts DC fan whole day direct connecting from Solar Panel, and also can charge your battery with same solar panel while using during day from solar. If your buy seprate 10 Amps Battery Charger, then charge your battery with that for night backup.

That's done.

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