Sunday, 1 October 2017

7 Tips to Save Mobile Phone Battery Timings, Tricks 2017

Today majority of people has a smartphone or any other gadget like Tablet PC, Smartphone, Laptop etc. There is a big problem with these smart gadgets of their battery life. There should be a better battery for gadgets which gives more life time to use. Here are some extra ordinary tips / tricks to increase battery timing of smartphones:

1. Charging Port
Always clean your phone, display screen and also clean the charging point / port of the Phone because their was dust inside the charging port when we use mobile phone outside or put into our pocket. To clean charging port, you can use Toothpick or Cotton Bud. 

2. Use Bright Wall Paper
The wallpaper of phone sucks more power of the battery because of bright wallpaper. To save battery life, always use black wallpaper for your phone to increase the battery.

3. Always Put Cell Phone in Hand
If you are in habit to put your mobile phone often in your hand, this also cause the low battery problems because of open air hot temperature. So put your phone in your pocket to avoid low battery problems.

4. Turn Off Auto Rotate Feature
Don't use auto rotate feature when you don't need it because its sensor uses enough battery continuously to rotate your phone screen.

5. Background Applications
Close / Force Stop all the opened applications of your mobile phone because these Apps continuously using the battery power.

6. Turn off Vibration feature
To save batter, turn off your smartphone vibration mode because it also uses the battery power.

7. Turn off GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi 
GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi sucks enough battery, so keep those in off position when no need of it.

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