Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Comic Books Market for Tablets and Digital Publishing

comic books for tablets
The Comic Books is nor popular in the print industry as in the digital revolution, the market of comic books increased suddenly and it is now at top by demand after the launching of personal  tablets like iPad, Surface and Galaxy Tab in the market. The comic book industry is boosting their grounds in the Tablet era for selling out the record copies of comic books over Internet and other sources.

These comic books can be read with Tablets, e-Readers and online readers provided by the comiXology company, which is a large company for distributing the digital comicbooks having 180 million unique type of comic books for downloading and 80 million downloads only in 6 months.

At comiXology, the readers of comic books can search the million of titles online for reading it with Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Amazon Kindle, BN's Nook e-reader and variety of other models of Tablet PC offered by the tech companies. Most of the people in the United States used their platform to watch and read the comic book on e-readers with more productivity because of largest distribution platform of comic books online as now other yet have the tough competition with this company.

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