Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Google Adsense Introduced Favicons to Text Ads

Favicons for Adsense Ads
Google Adsense which is world's top CPC network for publishers of all sizes offering great incentives to the users for monetizing their content over the Internet by displaying text, video and image ads on their websites or blog.

As Adsnese has already variety of features for enhancing the advertising network which commonly comes from Google Adwords, has made more addition to their Ad display by adding a smart image before the URL of the Text Ad called Favicon Icon which seems very beautiful in looking and interact the visitor to come here, which cause the increasing the clickthrough rate of Adsense Ads. This addition has changed the ad format more better than before.

This option also give the advertisers more creativity for displaying their creative Ads. The original post can be found here at official blog of Google Adsnese at following post.
Introducing favicons to our text ads - Inside AdSense

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