Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Apple Profit Down for Low iPad Sales

latest iPad Photo
Apple tells that in Q3 that they loosen the company profit because of less sales of iPad rather than the iPhone sales are still reliable. Apple said that there earnings per share are $7.47 which increased the earnings in total by $35.3 Billion. Apple has soled about 21.1 billion iPhone devices, as in this time, Samsung released the Galaxy S4 also, which also have huge sales all over the world.

Apple however said that this fall in earnings is temporary and we will boost our revenue later on by increasing the sales of our gadgets again and with the cooperation of top US cellular operator like Verizon, T-Mobile USA and others as well. The other competitors of Apple in the field of Tablets like Microsoft and Blackberry also reduced the prices of Surface and Smartphones for gaining more sales beyond profits.

The other reason for falling Apple’s profit is that in the United States, the Network operator bear some cost of the iPhone by offering the data and voice packages and giving the iPhone to their customers in only $200 and low but in the other countries where no such agreements are happen, the price of iPhone is yet very high as $400 to $500 which is out of the reach of middle income people.

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