Thursday, 29 August 2013

Google Chrome, Fast, Simple and Most Secured Web Browser

Google Chrome Logo
As Google has the top position for providing close to accurate web search results for web users. The Google has top ranked after according to website rankings. All Google products are professionally developed and used across the world without hesitation like Gmail, Maps, Adwords, Adsense, Android OS, Docs, Drive and the most used web browser of the world Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is World’s most used Internet Browser in competition with Microsoft’s Windows Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is built for speed, very simple to use and has more secured Internet browser than others like Opera, Safari and Windows Internet Explorer. It has tabbed browsing and you can open many Tabs for many websites individually.

There features are very easy to use like if you want to delete web history in Google Chrome, then you have to enter the simple command in the Chrome Address Box like “chrome://history/” and you will be prompted to the History Page of Chrome, where you can see the Clear Browsing History with the Tab Button of Clear Browsing Data. You can easily take the Screenshot in Google Chrome by the Windows default button for taking the screenshots “PRTSC”, open the webpage you want to capture and press the PRTSC button and paste it in Microsoft Paint application and save it in any format.

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