Thursday, 29 August 2013

Google Nexus 4, Tips, Tricks, Features

Google Nexus 4 is latest smartphone from Google having Android 4.2 version with great features with million of free Apps. If you have recently purchased Nexus 4, then this post is for you because here you will find the basic tips to operate your Nexus 4.

How to Insert SIM Card in Tray of Google Nexus 4: First of all, when you switch ON your Nexus 4, you have to insert the SIM card in the Phone. Micro SIM Card is used for Nexus 4, for which the SIM card tray is at left side very near to the volume button. There is a small hole just above the SIM card door. Use a thin pin or SIM Ejection Tool provided with the Nexus 4 and remove the tray and put the micro SIM in it.

How to Charge Google Nexus 4: When you buy your Nexus, then it is not fully charged by default and you will need to fully charged it before further using. If you have Travel Adapter for charging Google Nexus 4, then you have to connect one point of micro USB cable to Charger Port of the phone and connect it to your home power socket. Normally, the input volts for travel adapter is 100 volts to 240 volts AC current and the output voltage of this travel charger is 5 volts DC, 1.2 Amps. It is remember here that Google Nexus 4's battery can't be removed from the phone's casing.

How to Set-up Nexus 4 for Google Play Edition Phones: When you switch on your smartphone, you see the Welcome screen prompted with the language options. If you want to change the language and other settings, then touch Start and follow the next instructions. You will be prompted with Google Account signin or Create New for the first time. After settings up Gmail account, you can set the options for various applications like Gmail, Youtube, Google Apps, Adwords, Google Calendar or other Google Apps services.

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