Sunday, 25 August 2013

How to Find Your Mobile with Android Device Manager Application

Android Device ManagerAs the mobile is in the reach of almost every person and use it in daily life, sometimes you lost it in the way or in your home, Google brings solution for that situation by bringing the Android Device Manager App like Apple's Find my iPhone. With the help of Android Device Manager (ADM) developed by Google, you can find your Android Phone and remove your data remotely and can secure your data from reach of other unknown people.

ADM lets give you the option by quickly ringing your mobile phone at full volume even you put it on silent mode and you cal also trace your phone by Maps in Real Time. You can protect your private mobile data with Android Device Manager if you lost it in public place by erasing the data from your home. The supported versions of Android OS are 2.2 and above. You can also protect your mobile phone for installing unknown apps on your mobile such as spyware and other suspicious application. You can lock your homescreen of your device by Device PIN code, with Password, Pattern Lock and with your Face Recognization option by going the Android Device Settings>Personal>Security>Screen Lock. There are such other features for Android Device Management, the Android Device Manager Download available at Google Play Store, also available for PC .

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