Monday, 26 August 2013

New iPhone Model coming with Fingerprint Scanner Beta Code

iPhone FingerPrint
As the reports coming from the iPhone Developers, that the newest iPhone model will come with Fingerprint Scanner Beta Code in place of Password utility that will be called the “Biometrics Kit” for iPhone. This will be available in the latest iOS 7 of Apple available for iPhone and iPad. This Bio metrics Kit will be available for iPhone 5S having the Fingerprint Scanner at the Homekey of the phone.

The fingerprint system will work from the iPhone purchasing when the user will switch on his iPhone 5S, the iPhone demand Thumb Impression of the user for first time as said by the iPhone developer Hamza Sood who has discovered this function first time in iPhone which is hidden in many iPhones. This is however, for the more security of iPhone device and the user’s data protection. After enabling this function for iPhone 5S, the only iPhone owners will have to access the phone and the other users cannot use the Smartphone by Apple or the thieves has noting to do with iPhone.

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