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Video conferencing is most used business application adopted by business houses for saving their time for conducting meetings with company management and workforce. There are many software developed for video conference alongwith web conferencing options. The Skype, another free video calls and conference calls software by Microsoft has also gives the video conferencing over Skype for business video conferencing. The one is Polycom Video Conferencing software with variety of features.

Video conferencing is also called video tele conference is managed with a set of computer hardware and some kind of software specially designed for video conferencing which allows users to see other people more than one, to video chat each other live over Internet connection with audio transmission. The combination of both the services is called Visual Collaboration of a Group of People.

The hardware for video conferences is specially designed for smooth collaboration for each other. The main technology used for videoconferencing system is a combination of digital compression of audio and video streams. There are hardware items called coder / decoder used for that type of compression. The video camera or webcam is used for video input in videoconferencing.

The Computer Monitor of LCD Monitor, Television or Projector is used for Video Output. The Microphones or cassette player are used for Audio Input hardware for video conference calls. The LAN or Internet Connection is the main source of video calls and data transfer for analog or digital telephone network. A well equipped personal computer is a must have equipment item for video conference calls for managing it in better manner.

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Amit Misra said...

Yeah, desktop video conferencing is a great business communication tool and web conferencing servers from R-HUB (; allow educational institutes to facilitate e-learning, conduct classes online etc.

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