How to Create Clone Copy of Hard Disk Drive

Clone Copy of Hard DiskHard Disk Drive (HDD) is the main source to store your digital data at one place, if you have plan to backup your existing data to another source, then it is better option to make a colon of your Hard Disk. This will save your time and money to spending extra money for buying the other Data Backup Hardware and Software. Now, come to the Cloning, What is Cloning the Hard Drive? You can simply say it the Direct Copy as your first hard driver is. This will copy all your existing files and configurations like Directory Files, the Drivers you installed for your PC devices, Photos, Videos and even the settings for your individual software applications. This option is called the Image option for HDD Clone.

The other option for making copy of Hard Disk Drive is to crease a Disk Image. With this option, you shall get the one big .Zip file of all your data you stored in the Hard Disk Drive. You can use the Hard Disk Cloning Application Software like Acronis Backup and Recovery, Macrium Reflect Free, Shadow Copy, Clone Zilla and Ease US Todo Backup for Free.

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