Friday, 20 September 2013

Sony Introduced BRAVIA Smart Stick NSZ-GU1 with Google TV Services

Sony NSZ-GU1 BRAVIA Smart Stick
After the Google Chromecast TV Dongle, the Sony Electronics Corporation has introduced the Sony NSZ GU1 BRAVIA Smart Stick with Google Search, Google Play and integrated with other Google Top Services. This is actually a Smart Stick of Next Generation Smart TV Device for making it easier to use with Sony Bravia televisions for watching online programming with voice activated remote control device used with this Sony smart Stick TV Device.

This is very slim in design having 8GB of storage used via direct plugging in MHL port of Sony BRAVIA Television set with a USB Cable. It comes with Voice Activated Remote Control for having full control over Sony Bravia Smart TV Stick. The price of the smart stick is set at $149.00 in the United States at Sony online and offline stores. The live TV search option for Internet and applications is available in the Sony Smart Stick for searching the Internet with Google for Cable TV and Satellite Services with full support of Google Chrome browser having also the Adobe Flash Media Player. The BRAVIA Smart Stick has built-in applications like Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play and YouTube for giving choice to the users to have their own choice of services for watching videos, playing games, listening music, social networking and getting the applications from Google Play Store.

The BRAVIA Smart Stick has PNP (Picture and Picture) options which gives the facility to the users to watch multiple channels at one time with multitasking operations.

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