Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Download Official File Manager for Nokia Lumia Windows 8.1 Smartphone

Vice President Windows Phone Program Management and Design, Joe Belfiore has posted the latest File Manager for Windows 8.1 Phone for easy managing the files on the Nokia Windows 8.1 users. The Windows Phone users can browse or access the office documents, their downloaded files and picture at single place in the File Manager for Windows Phone as shown in the screen shot left. However it is said the the files in postHowever, the necessary system files of Windows Phone are still locked for your security reasons. With this "File Manager", you can better organize your smartphone file like Photos, Music files, Video Clips or other office documents in much better way with making the different folders for various tasks. If you want to share some items from your Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1, you can send it via your email address, your Phone's Bluetooth, Microsoft OneDrive or other social applications like Skype, LINE, Tango, Viber depending you that what type of content or files you want to share.
Source: Nokia Conversations

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