Wednesday, 13 April 2016

National Assembly Approves Cyber Crime Bill

Bill prevention of crime in the Golden Chamber of the National Assembly of Pakistan has been approved. It was presented in the National Assembly Anusha Rehman, Minister of State Information Bill. The bill will be presented in the Senate upper house for approval, after which it will take the form of bills. "The proposed bill worst crime on civil liberties. The ruling party has a majority in the Senate. Besides the civil society about the bill MPs will also be given broad powers to law enforcement due to the bill that had expressed reservations.

They say that civil liberties will be restricted due to the bill. The bill, as well as sending a text message without consent with fines maker criticized government actions on social media could be sentenced to imprisonment. People involved in information technology that their business will be affected by this bill. The bill religion, country, and the armed forces will be brought in the courts will not be subjected to criticism and action against those responsible if this happens.

The bill is also mentioned that the federal government over fears of spreading unrest in the affected Pakistan's relationship with any other country, national defense or society can block any website.
The crime bill was sent to the National Assembly Standing Committee, the government was forced to pass the bill to the committee members the proposed draft. However, opposition members did not recognize the pressure and he had also proposed some amendments to the draft bill, mostly made part of this document.

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