Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Tried to lasso the stars by Scientist Professor Hawking Mills

Leading scientist Steven Hawking would be sent into the world of small spacecraft to other planets which are a Plan head offline. The tiny spacecraft will be capable of trillions of miles away, which is more than the targeted aircraft capacity. Brabr'klayy onboard computer chip research project worth ten million dollars, will be produced. This project is funded by billionaire Facebook founder Mark Yuri also support mentioning Petersburg which are mlnyr. Travel to the stars of the worlds has always been a dream of humans, but the absence of appropriate technology has been a barrier to the fulfillment of their dreams.

But Professor Hawking told the BBC that this desire is seen fulfilled quickly than we could have imagined. " He said: "If we want humanity to survive we will eventually have to go far galaxies.
"The astronauts There is hope that Alpha circulating around the planet like a star somewhere in the system centaury. But in the next two decades we will be able to get more information from the ground and space telescopes applied. He said that would be possible in the future to achieve progress made in technology in the last two decades.

Professor Hawking Milner's breakthrough are the foundation supports projects that are privately held and has put more money on scientific research projects is very optimistic about the donors.

The nearest solar system in the universe is about 40 billion miles away from us, and will reach about 30 million years to the system using existing technology.
The expert group discussed a little more research and came to the conclusion that it is possible that after 30 years it can only be developed spacecraft that reduces the length of the journey.
Brakes Dr. Pate uurdn throw Prize Foundation Chairman and former director of Nineteen Research Center of NASA in California, who has led the project, says the concept phncyka stars with the speed of a few years ago, not was. But experts group has estimated that the technology can be put into practice the theory of development. "
Under this theory as much as the chip used in electronic devices the size of a spacecraft in Earth orbit and then release thousands of these tiny space ships.
Is associated with a solar sail ship can move forward with hrklayy waves instead of light. In addition to the powerful push to move forward in a very large number of ships hrklayy laser radiation from the ground, after which they shall fix with 20 percent of the speed of light travel.
The whole project sounds like science fiction, but Yuri Miller is technically possible to manufacture a spacecraft to believe that we will be able to reach the stars in my life.

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