Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Who is Calling, Determine and Know who Calling you?

When we also have to face a situation where we are sitting at a long meeting starts and vibrate our mobile phone. We will hear the phone call? You see the bright side of your phone but this number is not already saved in your contact list. So called 'True Caller "This app can be quite helpful for you.
True neck was co-founder and chief executive Alan mymdy "if they download True collar Backup mobile phone, you will not need to save the phone number with a name. Everything is stored in the cloud. He explains that he had encountered a similar situation, and the incident led to the development of this app. I think it should be the worldwide smartphone app.

Mymdy Allen said: "If this happens, call the number on your phone so you do not have safe, we will show you that your phone call information. If there's any restriction on commercial call it, we will inform you. To know who is calling you use True Caller database consists of two billion phone numbers called 'crowd sourcing'. Certain operating system smartphones True Caller individual caller's name, the place, but it is also their image. Zryngalm was a co-founder of True collar 'are also) a collar spam (unsolicited commercial calls at six in the United States or United Kingdom.
"It calls than normal proportion of spam received more calls from family members. It is providing a huge problem and the solution.

Allen said mymdy shows how to combine information: If you receive a call, which can provide information about what we do not know. "But we are also associated with a number of companies to provide information." UK City needs more scrutiny of that aspect of True caller's telephone communications Kings College in London Application Research Center Senior Lecturer nsanth systry. He said: 'This is what they are sharing their personal information with others, will not even know their friends about their information that has become common. "And this information is not going to reach the people who know. The problem of privacy for friends and friends are unaware of the rules of providing information. " The mymdy Allen sees it different, he does not consider it a problem. Since starting operations in 2009 to Alan and the team now serve in offices adorned with the beauty. Named said: 'Room in the flat of my room in which we were sleeping and kitchen were in the same room. We had started with your purchased True Caller server. And we were ready for their mobile phones. The two decided that this app was to be released for other people and have her ten thousand users in just weeks.

Aylnka say, 'We've decided to start his own company and resign from their jobs. Since then our work is moving more quickly. We have 20 million users worldwide. Last year the number reached more than 20 million. 63 new users per minute Alan ambitions despite rising even larger. He said: "The app daily, the more people use the app on their phone before the call and no one is not working to bring innovation in this. True neck is bringing change. This is your iPhone experience more reliable and secure, but also making awesomeness. "Our goal is to make an app that every person employed there on every smartphone in the world."

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