How to use Android Phone as CCTV Security Camera

How to use Android Phone as CCTV Security Camera
Android operating system based smartphones are widely used by the people around the world. Today is era of latest technology, everyone can monitor their offices and homes through their cell phone by security cameras over the Internet by using IP Security cameras. Here is a simple and easy trick to turn your Android Phone as security camera by installing a Andoid App "IP Web Cam". So to use your phone as CCTV Camera monitor, follow these steps.

1. Go to Google Play Store from your Android Cell Phone
2. Search IP Web Cam from the Play Store Search Menu
3. Touch on Install
4. When installation complete, start the IP Web Cam Application
5. You will be provided a specific IP Address on your Screen
6. Note that IP Address and Go to your device / other mobile phone or computer where you want to monitor the first one
6. Write that IP Address in the Internet enabled Browser
7. Your video will be showed here write now live.

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Jade Graham said...

you are doing so in a very controlled manner. Anyone accessing from the Internet will only have access to the devices you have set up on the port forwarding screen and even then will only be able to access on certain ports. Sydney Security CCTV Installation

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