Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Finally, Your GSM SIM Card Hacked by Hackers

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According to new reports coming from Group of Hackers, the Phone SIM cards can be hacked and the hacker can get the full control over your SIM Card’s data and plans. This hack can be done with some pair of text messages. The hacker cloaks some text messages and the other SIM card got hacked and loosens the control over his mobile SIM card with the Hacker. After this hack, the hacker can listen and make calls from the hacked SIM card, can do the online shopping from other mobile and steal the hacked SIM card data.

The hackers said that this will be done in only two minutes and can be done with only SIM cards having DES (Data Encryption Standard), the old system for security. The new SIM cards have the Triple DES system will not be affected with this hack. After this hack, the owners of SIM cards having old DES are worrying and seeing towards their cellular companies to upgrade their networks with newer triple DES system for more security.

As the data protection is already in discussions after NSA leaks that all major technology companies including the social media website have sometime in full control of National Security Agency of United States for stealing users data and information. After this news, the Cellular companies approaching SIM Card manufacturing companies for updating the security features to protect the consumer’s data and security.

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