Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Google Adsnese Account Requirements for Quick Approval

Google Adsense is content monetizing website offers best commission over their CPC network. Google Adsense works through Adwords program designed for Advertisers for advertise their products, which can be published through Adsense on the Website Publisher’s websites or blogs.

Google has very strict policy for approving Adsense accounts because of best interest of Adword users. Google has a variety of Terms and Conditions for Adsense account which they implement at all. If you have a website or blog and finding ways to monetize your website or blog, then Adsnese is best choice for you to earn enough if you have rich and original content. The basic requirement for Adsense is Website or Blog, on which there should be genuine and original content, good writing, enough daily web traffic coming from search engines through organic search.

If you fulfill the above requirements, you should have the About us. Privacy Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, DMCA Policy and Contact us pages on your website or blog. Try to apply for Google Adsense account when your Website or Blog’s age reached to 6 months, this will increase the chances for approval of Adsense account. If you have blog hosted on, then Google offers Earnings Tab in Dashboard. By clicking Earnings, you will be prompted to Signup for Adsense Account for free by entering your required basic personal information in a form. Once you submit your Adsense application, Google will review your application and send you the email as a confirmation message of your application. Google takes 24 to 48 hours for approving-disapproving the Adsense account and will inform you by saying congratulation, if you success to get the account.

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