Friday, 4 October 2013

How to Open UnBlock Youtube, Different Ways to Open YouTube

YouTube Logo
As in many countries including Pakistan, the YouTube website is blocked for some domestic, national or international issues and reasons. The people who spend their most of time to watching latest music videos, documentaries, educational lecturer videos, latest movie trailers or other informational videos over the YouTube streaming are in search of the other ways to open or unblock YouTube website. As a result, there are many ways to unblock the YouTube website. By using these ways, you can watch and share your videos easily over YouTube even it is blocked in your country. The YouTube is largest and most popular video sharing website for free for world wide users. The YouTube is widely used on personal computers, Smartphone, Tablet PC, Video Gaming Consoles and Smart TV for streaming videos.

Here are some simply ways to Un-Block YouTube in the countries where is it blocked. You can use these simple tricks to Re-Open YouTube website even in those countries where the censorship laws exists for such streaming media like China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and some other countries.

1. You can unblock YouTube by replacing the “http” with “https” in starting of Youtube Web Address like . In this way, many blocked website can be opened easily.

2. The another way to open YouTube is free Software or Internet Browser extensions and Plug-Ins like Ultra Surf, Free Gate Proxy Fire, Ultra Soft Proxy and HotSpot Shield. YouTube can also unblock with the help of extensions made for Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Windows Internet Explorer like Prox Mate, Stealthy. 

3. Third way to open YouTube without any software or browser extension is to use the Proxy Websites which make it happen to hide your IP address automatically if you try to Open YouTube with it. Here are some popular Proxy Websites for Open YouTube in Pakistan or in other countries where it is blocked and facing censorship laws.


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